Transthyretin amyloid cardiomyopathy (ATTR‑CM)* is a progressive, unrelenting disease that can diminish quality of life, cause recurrent hospitalization, and lead to premature death.1–3

*Also known as ATTR cardiomyopathy, or ATTR cardiac amyloidosis (ATTR‑CA).

There are two subtypes of ATTR‑CM: wild-type ATTR‑CM (wtATTR‑CM) and hereditary ATTR‑CM (hATTR‑CM).*,4 These subtypes are designated by the mechanism of TTR tetramer destabilization, which occurs either through age-related changes to the protein or due to variants in the TTR gene.4

*Also known as variant ATTR‑CM (vATTR‑CM).

80% of patients


Wild-type ATTR-CM4,10,12

  • Sporadic disease
  • TTR gene has normal sequence; TTR protein becomes unstable with age
  • Reduced symptom severity at diagnosis
  • Typically manifests later in life (>60 years of age)

Variant ATTR-CM1,12,13

  • Autosomal dominant pattern of inheritance
  • TTR gene has variant sequence that destabilizes the TTR protein
  • Worse disease at diagnosis (poorer ejection fraction, renal function, and performance status)
  • Symptom onset at 30–80 years of age

In a study of 879 people with ATTR-CM.11

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A prevalent pathogenic TTR gene variant is V122I, which affects 3–4% of all Black Americans and has been found in 10% of those aged 65 years or older with severe congestive heart failure14

Although predominantly diagnosed in men, ATTR‑CM is becoming increasingly recognized in women15

sex differences in attr-cm infographic

*In a study of 1732 consecutive patients, comprising 1095 with wild-type ATTR‑CM and 637 with hereditary ATTR‑CM.15

On average, women are 3.3 years older than men at diagnosis.15

Both sexes have similar mortality rates, 1-year disease progression rates, and overall structure and function when accounting for body size.15


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